Using the power of AI for identity verification.

Client: E-rasta d.o.o

Our role

We developed mobile & web solution for identity verification with advanced AI mechanisms.



Project info

Developed solution allows users to easily verify their identity with just a few simple steps.

The module prompts the user to take a picture of their personal ID document, followed by a video of themselves. The user is then challenged to rotate their head into different directions, which ensures the integrity of the person and the authenticity of the verification process.

Our cutting-edge technology utilizes OCR with advanced AI mechanisms to recognize the data on the personal ID document, including its validity.

Available for Web, iOS and Android.

Our state-of-the-art verification module is now available for integration into any Web or Mobile app, be it iOS or Android.

Verify identities quickly and easily.

With our module, users can verify their identity quickly and easily, without compromising on security or reliability.

Powerful backend system

Developed solution comes with a powerful backend system in the form of a web application. This system enables manual validation of the data in case of special restrictions or when the algorithm fails to determine the validity. This ensures that the verification process is thorough and reliable.

Cutting-edge technology.

We employ face recognition technology to accurately identify the person's face and head orientation. By comparing the person's face in the ID and in the video, our algorithms can quickly verify that the person is real.

Ideal solution for companies.

We developed this solution for companies that are looking to implement a secure and efficient identity verification process into their Mobile or Web application.

Extend your products value with customized AI-solutions

The ultimate solution for secure and efficient identity verification.

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