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Client: Wisefolio GmbH

We developed a native Beatvest app which offers lectures about money management and investing.

Complete ERP solution

Client: Mih GmbH

MIH is an ERP system which offers easy and intuitive employees and resources management in both mobile and web applications form.


Client: MDCN Technologies

We have developed an app that allows you to monitor and control the NeoRhythm neurostimulation device, which helps to relax and improve focus by emitting frequencies through electromagnetic fields.

Complete AI & ML solution

Client: Wirtschaftskammer (WKO.at)

Detecting export opportunities from events before they are published anywhere.


Client: Gov.si

We have customized the German application for use in Slovenia. #OstaniZdrav helps stopping the spread of coronavirus.


Client: Etrel (a Landis+Gyr company)

iOS app for EV drivers, that works as a front-end to Etrel OCEAN charging management platform.


Client: IZUM

Online Bibliographic Systems and Services

Verified by Photko

Client: E-rasta d.o.o.

VerifiedByPhotko is a mobile apps plugin for identity verification with advanced AI mechanisms.


Client: ROC d.o.o.

TimeStreet is an application which allows you to peer into the past of Ljubljana. Explore locations and paths around the city of Ljubljana through a collection of images ranging from old drawings to modern photographs.

ESG Radar

Client: eMentalist GmbH

ESG Profile and Topic tracker


Client: Media24

Informative content


Client: nepremicnine.net

Ads and notifications


Client: MDCN Technologies

The PetsPemf Pad is a PEMF device for pets. We have developed an app that controlls the device with the help of Bluetooth. The app can show device info including current programs that are running and also usage history. The device has been scientifically proven to alleviate pain and inflammation in animals without undesirable effects.

Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Client: tzslo.si

Web application for membership management and invoicing.

eStudent System

Client: Slovenian Institute of Auditors

Slovenian Institute of Auditors

ECE Mobil

Client: ECE

National Energy Provider

Internal ERP

PC7 Internal project - for the needs of our fast growing web shops in more than 10 countries.

ERP app which provides realtime insight into web shop performance. Support for stock management, order processing, advertisement performance reports, order tracking.

Twitter ProfilePeek

For the needs of investigative journalism

PC7 Hobby project


Client: Municipality of Cerknica

Tourist destinations of the Notranjska region

Business phonebook

Client: Commission for the Prevention of Corruption

Business phonebook enables you to get information about Slovenian companies - any time, anywhere. Now you can finally get useful information in a quick and easy manner.

Municipality Cerknica

Client: Municipality of Cerknica

Daily News and Events


Online Blogging Platform (sold to Google)

Radio 1 & Radio Antena

Client: Infonet FM

National Radio Stations

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