Let’s develop

Years of experience in building amazing web & mobile applications.

Let’s develop

Years of experience in building amazing web & mobile applications.


Supporting leading brands & game-changing companies in their digital transformation.

The ultimate AI tool for chatting with any data

AI Virtual Assistant Web Global Sustainability iOS Android Desktop app

We created a platform that enables businesses & individuals to enhance productivity and customer support, while keeping data safe and secure.

See PandaChat case study

Transforming Digital Interactions with AI

AI Virtual Assistant Machine learning Global Education Media Web

We created an AI-powered collection of tools revolutionizing news consumption, web surfing, and education.

see HAI case study

Reducing CO2 emissions in EU education system

EU Education Web Android iOS Gamification

PC7 team developed an application that teaches students & teachers how to reduce their impact on the environment.

See Green Penguin page

Revolutionizing the world of E-mobility with Etrel.

EV iOS Worldwide

EV driver's new best friend. iOS app for EV drivers, that works as a front-end to Etrel OCEAN charging management platform.

See Etrel page

Empowering Green Initiatives with EU Funding

Solar Funding Data Analytics Web EU Sustainability Renewable Energy Third-Party Integration Hosting

We developed a streamlined web application facilitating EU fund distribution for solar panel installations.

see Borzen case study

Using the power of AI for identity verification.

AI Android iOS ID verification

PC7 team developed VerifiedByPhotko - a mobile app plugin for identity verification created with the help of advanced AI mechanisms.

See Photko page

Optimizing workflow & increasing productivity.

Custom ERP iOS LIDAR technology

We developed a custom ERP, lidar measuring app & MIH360 - tools that will help you achieve your business goals by optimizing workflow on several levels.

See Mih page

The investment app for long-term wealth.

Finance iOS Germany

We developed a native Beatvest app which offers step-by-step money management lectures and allows you to invest with confidence.

See Beatvest page

Your wellness and brain-health partner.

Neurostimulation Android iOS Bluetooth

We have developed an app that allows you to monitor and control an innovative neurostimulation devices, including the NeoRhythm, NeoTube & NeoPad.

See OmniPemf page

Using AI to detect new business opportunities.

AI Machine learning Web Austria

We designed & developed a multilingual algorithm which detects potential export projects before they are getting on tender platforms.

See WKO page

Enabling students to access a virtual library's resources

Education iOS Android Slovenia

We’ve developed a dynamic mobile application, a virtual library embodying the essence of a Slovenian digital repository.

see mCOBISS case study

What can we do for you?

Using our rich knowledge we gained through years of experience we are transforming the future by exploring, learning & innovating.

One step closer to our vision

Assembling the research team is bringing us closer to the establishment of a Research Center that embodies our ethos of transformation, innovation, and impact.

Our team of experts specializes in critical fields such as system analysis, digital policies, and ethical AI. With a focus on cybersecurity, we're strengthened by a data scientist pioneering language technologies & AI integration, driving groundbreaking innovations in PC7 projects.

The Future Begins with research